BioHacking with the Healy Coaching Module

In my twenty years of coaching, I have never found a way to so effectively and accurately pinpoint the subconscious blocks and epigenetic emotional patterns blocking one’s success. What the Healy Coaching Module can find in 6 minutes, would take 6 months or more of extensive one on one coaching.

Not only does it find them … it then shakes them loose. By sending frequencies into your information field, it assist the process of letting go of these old programs and beliefs.

The frequencies in these programs will help you eliminate the subconscious blocks preventing you from experiencing joy and success in your life. Enabling you to become a vibrational match to what it is you are wanting … and then effortlessly attract it right to you as if you’ve just become an energetic magnet!

The Coaching world will never be the same. In this video Ken Close and Lori Falk, take a deep dive into the Healy Coaching Module. To say this Module is a game changer is an understatement. Let us break down this complex module for you in an understandable fashion that will enable you to fully utilize the amazing benefits of this addition to the Healy.

Check out this in-depth training … BioHacking With the Healy Coaching Module