So what is BEMER?

It stands for … Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field meaning that it is the BEMER signal and not the electromagnetic field that acts as the “agent” that stimulates the circulatory response. Basically it increases your blood flow to the capillaries by 29% within 3 days of experiencing two 8 minute sessions about 12 hours apart.

This 5-minute video
explains it best

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - Health & Wellness Coach, BEMER

Considering that 74% of our blood flow lies in our capillaries, it is understandable that increasing circulation at this level is having profound effects. In addition, the capillaries is where the primary exchange of oxygen and nutrients occurs, as well as, taking off metabolic waste. This is important.

Benefits of Bemer use include:

  • Improved General blood flow
  • Nutrition and oxygen supply
  • Sleep management
  • Waste disposal
  • Cardiac function
  • Physical fitness endurance
  • Improved concentration
  • Support mental acuity
  • Stress reduction & relaxation

Bioelectromagnetic Processes in the Cells

About 100 trillion cells make up the human body’s system of tissues and organs. Your health depends on the health of those cells. Cells require energy, produced through a supply of oxygen and nutrients. About half of the energy is used to convert ADP (adenosine di phosphate) to ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). ATP allows your body to take energy from different sources and convert it into the same type of energy. The other half is need to maintain the cell membrane potential.

This electrical charge around the healthy cell should be 70-90mV. In diseased cells, the membrane potential is found to be reduced to 30-40mV, and in cancerous cells even as low as 15-20mV. At levels below 60mV, the membrane structure becomes distorted, and below 10mV the cell dies.

Restoring the membrane potential to normal is one of BEMER therapy’s primary benefits.

Electromagnetic energy also controls substance absorption and waste excretion. When it’s deficient, it ultimately damages the cell. Enzymes that are vital to metabolic processes become active, and repair proteins are synthesized. Intensified cell detoxification results, and the immune system is stimulated.

LINK discussing the connection between microcirculation & longevity. Good blood microcirculation linked to longevity

PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency)

Here are the videos to watch… the second one is less than 2 minutes…. which shows the flow increase via microscopic video.

COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW VIDEO ~ 38 minutes (worth watching in its entirety) . . . Have paper and a pen ready to jot down your questions. Enjoy!



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