Hi, I’m Lori!

I am humbled and honored to be taking this journey from Head2Heart with you.

“Like many of you, I too have experienced
the joys and hard knocks of life. I must say
I am grateful for all of it,
the ups as well as the downs.
For it is the ‘life wisdom’ I’ve gained
from these experiences
that enables me
to better assist you
in achieving
your goals.”

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk with Tallie Ann

“The rich array of transformational tools I’m about to share with you have been self-tested  and proven effective. I know these processes work, and it is with extreme joy that I share them with you. When combined  with heartfelt love and compassion these tools have generated life altering results for my clients that have enabled them to  go after their dreams and feel the beauty and wonderment of a balanced, successful and joy-filled life.”

Here’s the truth

I spent most of my adult life living someone else’s idea of who and what I should be. I believe that “someone” was the media, or pop culture, or whoever created the super woman syndrome complete with the notion that women should try to emulate men in the workaholic professional world, while simultaneously being the perfect wife, doting mother and home maker extraordinaire. I gave it my best shot, but somehow it never quite seemed to be a good fit. And frankly, it didn’t work.

You know WHY?

Those decisions were all made in my head … with little to no concern for what my heart truly wanted.

“I’m here to help you “Get out of your head and into
your heart. To think less, and feel more.”

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I understand the important role your emotional health plays on your physical health. Which is why I invite you to join me as we take a 9 inch journey from your “Head to your Heart.” It’s Epigenetics BABY … and if you don’t know what that is, stay tuned, cuz you’re about to learn way more about this.

Your Epigenetic Rx session (the perfect starting point in our work together) will literally track your Ancestral Emotional DNA and help you to understand the “emotional stew” you were raised with that created the beliefs that are subconsciously controlling your life. That understanding alone will prepare you for a giant leap forward.

I know, because I took that leap and today I’m no longer living someone else’s version of reality;
I’m living mine … and it is, BTW, filled with joy!

Are you you living your version of reality?

Have you fulfilled your dreams?

Are you doing what you came here to do?

If not, let’s take this  journey together now!

Your Dream Life is Real!

Let me show you how to create it.
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Meet Lori Daniel Falk

Lori Daniel Falk
Lori Daniel FalkThought Leader

I started out as a “normal girl” who went to school and got a job in corporate America. I held positions in retail store management and eventually became a fashion buyer. I gotta tell you it never felt quite right … Fortunately during the mergers and acquisition of the 80’s, I was downsized. I decided to look at this as an opportunity to try something new and innovative. So I created Ready-To-Wear Review, a trade publication for executives in the retail fashion industry, which eventually became a renowned international trade journal.

And then I WOKE UP! Literally, I woke up one day and said out loud, “Hemlines go up, and hemlines go down. And in the scope of life, it really doesn’t matter. Nobody dies from it, but if I have to write another story about fashion, I might die.” Hmmmm …. Fifteen years of blood, sweat and tears … and I just couldn’t anymore??? What does one do with that??? Ahhhhh, enter the Dark Night of the Soul …. Severe clinical depression, burnout, chronic fatigue. Let’s just say I spent a year on the couch and it wasn’t pretty. Clearly I wasn’t living my life on purpose … and it was dramatically impacting my health.

It was then that my Personal Awakening began … I was intrigued by anything and everything that had to do with personal growth and development … especially if it had to do with health and wellness. I learned about everything from Spiritual Psychology to the Science of Epigenetics. I became a Spiritual Life Coach and eventually an Epigenetic Healing Artist. All of this afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively with Hay House Publishing and during that time I learned from the best of the best teachers of our time … Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Depok Chopra, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and ultimately Dr. Bruce Lipton, the grandfather of epigenetics. I was on fire.

The science of epigenetics brought it all together for me. It tied together things I had always intrinsically known … with the most cutting edge genetic science on the planet. My coaching, my art, the subconscious mind, and it’s limiting belief patterns were now all interconnected in an easily understandable, and explainable way. And it is from this place of awareness that I am now able to help you achieve health on every level … physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Let’s begin this journey together now.

My WHY …
I Do It For Her …

Did you know that my mom’s journey with cancer is a major reason that I am so committed to getting the message about true health out into the world?

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer I was only 18. She had a radical mastectomy, followed by chemo and radiation. They said the cancer was gone. Four years later, the cancer returned.

No one was talking about Epigenetics back then, but somehow I knew. I would always tell her, “Mom, you need to change your thoughts and beliefs if you want to heal.” I have no idea how I knew this to be true other than perhaps I’ve been connected to divine wisdom for longer than I think.

Here’s what happened next …

Healing Tools

As a Health and Wellness Coach I know you don’t just want to survive, you want to thrive!  Thriving requires cutting edge Health & Wellness tools. With that in mind I’ve put together a combination of products designed to bring your health to a state of excellence. Explore them here.

“Your Health is Your Wealth”