Redox Signaling Molecules

Redox Signaling Molecules and Why You Need Them

Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) are simply something you MUST be aware of. The National Institute of Health (NIH), Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, and many other top medical research institutions are utilizing huge sums of money and dedicating entire labs toward studying these tiny molecules, after finding they are a cornerstone to preventing disease.

James Watson, who discovered DNA in 1953, says Redox Signaling Molecules are the next biggest area of medical science. It seems the implications and hope for the health of mankind with this technology is the biggest thing in molecular research. Watson has personally committed the past 15 years of his life studying RSM. His research has shown that cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular disease, are actually Redox deficient diseases. That’s HUGE!

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - Health & Wellness Coach, how do Redox signaling molecules work?

Our bodies make Redox Signaling Molecules naturally … when we are babies we have trillions of them. As we age and are exposed to the toxins on this planet, our supplies get diminished and we become deficient. That is simply not a good thing.

So what do Redox Signaling Molecules do? They help your cells communicate and know what to do with everything else you are taking … from your supplements to your foods to your medications. ASEA just helps your body easily assimilate everything else, thereby improving your health from the inside out.

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - REDOX Signaling MoleculesDID YOU KNOW …

DID YOU KNOW that if our cells become unhealthy, and replicate unhealthy instead of healthy replacements when it is time for them to end their life cycle, this weakens the entire system that they are part of?

DID YOU KNOW that utilization of nutrients we take in is dependent upon these systems? If they are not working optimally, we cannot have efficient transport, assimilation, and benefit from those nutrients.

DID YOU KNOW that redox signaling molecules work at a sub-cellular level? This is a cellular level deeper than nutrients. Nutrients are the building blocks, and redox signaling molecules are the blueprint-readers and labor force that make use of them. Both are extremely critical for the healthiest expression of every bodily function.

The new scientific study on ASEA shows that it “turns on” genes that positively impact:

  1. vascular health
  2. digestive health & digestive enzyme production
  3. hormone modulation
  4. immune health
  5. and inflammation control

Every single one of the participants taking ASEA experienced 20-31% improvement, and every single one lost the benefits after 8 weeks post-study. Perhaps that is why Redox Signaling Molecules are being touted as one of the Five Emerging Technologies in Science That Will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years

Redox Signaling Molecules
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