Messages from the Heart

“I cannot thank you enough for all your support through all this. You have helped me “find my voice” and in doing so it has freed me from the many emotional blockages I lived with for years. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Beverley, Beverley Designs

“A little more than a year ago I was at a crossroads in my life. Not sure which way to turn or if I even wanted to turn at all. I was stuck and unsure about the future. And then I met Lori. She has created some amazing Angel art for me, continued to educate me on the ways of the Angels and how to tap into my intuition and most importantly she’s been my life coach for the past year. The results speak for themselves. I reconnected with my parents and my brother after 13 years of not seeing or communicating with them. I found my passion and true life purpose and most of all I connected with my Angels and guides and they’ve helped me to find my path in life, and start to really accept and love myself for who I really am. I feel like I am emerging from a cocoon that I’ve been in for my entire life. I owe it to Lori for keeping me on the path and for being my mentor and Earth Angel. Love you Lori. You are a beautiful and sweet soul. I always feel better in your presence”

Heather, SVP Global Business Director
“You are an incredibly gifted spiritual life coach. Thanks again Lori for taking time with me. You released and unblocked new found energy in me and I am touched and grateful.”
Jeanne, V.P. Human Relations

“Last year Lori helped me achieve a 28% increase in my income. She helped me amp up my performance as an influential leader in the numismatic market. I have never felt so strongly about an educator/coach to make this kind of recommendation . . . Lori’s very knowledgeable about her subjects and articulate, she gives you her full attention and speaks to you from her heart.”

Mark, Numismatist and Writer
“I always get direction/advice/ideas about areas in my life where I have become stagnate. Coaching with you has been life changing and I always feel better and have a clearer understanding of my personal issues after my session. It’s amazing! The time goes by SO quickly. I feel wonderful and energized afterwords!”
Kim, Financial Analyst

“I.e. last night’s coaching . . . I want to say, again, Thank You. I felt like getting out of bed this morn. I was amazed. The work day has been hectic . . . But my attitude is a 10. I’m just about to take a “mirth” break!”

Mary Anne

“Your class was so empowering & enlightening. You gave me the encouragement that I needed & the faith that I had let slip away, that I am where I am supposed to be!!!! I came away with a reawakened sense of peace & joy. Thank you sooo much Lori, I can’t begin to tell you how much your class changed my life.”

Sherrie, With much gratitude, Love & Light

“There is so many people out there hurting I hope you can continue do your work with inspiration pacifying others plight with positive reinforcement.  Lori, you are the “Angel” behind those angels.”


Healing Tools

As a Health and Wellness Coach I know you don’t just want to survive, you want to thrive!  Thriving requires cutting edge Health & Wellness tools. With that in mind I’ve put together a combination of products designed to bring your health to a state of excellence. Explore them here.

“Your Health is Your Wealth”