Healing Tools

Protecting one’s well-being is becoming nothing short of a global movement, as consumers seek to ensure healthy lives for as long as possible-particularly as average life-spans continue to rise. People now realize if they are going to live longer they want to be healthy, and to do that they have no choice but to do it differently than we have before.

As a Health and Wellness Coach I understand this better than most. It is my deepest desire that you do too. In fact, I’ve put together a combination of products that will help you attain the new American Dream of Health & Wellness…

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - REDOX Signaling Molecules, Asea
Redox Signaling Molecules are simply the single biggest health breakthrough of our lifetime.
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Redox Signaling Molecules

When we are babies we have trillions of RSMs, by age 40 we have 50% less. Scientific studies are showing that cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular issues, etc. are actually Redox deficient diseases.

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - Epigenetic Healing Art
Art’s Epigenetic influence makes it a healing tool we can simply no longer ignore.
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Epigenetic Healing Art

Hospitals all over the world are incorporating music and art into patient care. As art and healing merge, the field of art will be changed, and the field of medicine will be changed forevermore.

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - Health & Wellness Coach, Zillis CBD oil
The medical world is now realizing CBD Oil benefits pain, mental illness and even cancer.
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Scientific studies confirm the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids (CBD) may help treat a variety of ailments from neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease, to diabetes and cancer.

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - doTERRA essential oils
Essential oils help us get to the emotional root cause behind any physical disease.
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Because of their antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral and calming properties, essential oils are a natural, safe and cost-effective therapy for a number of health concerns.

Head2Heart Healing - Daniel Lori Falk - Health & Wellness Coach, Biozen
Most of us can’t stand to be without our electronic devices, but what about the EMF risk?
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EMF Protection

Scientific studies indicate the impact of EMFs are slowly chipping away at your health causing everything from oxidative stress to cellular DNA damage and endocrine changes.

“Your Health is Your Wealth”